We have a very capable underground department, with experienced underground cable construction personnel

Our directional boring system has the ability to put in tele-communications cables using trenchless technology.  This underground system minimizes customer issues.  We have the ability to directionally bore under bodies of water, highways, buildings and places that previously have made conventional trenching difficult or impossible.  Our equipment is in excellent condition and we have the trained personnel to handle almost any directional boring project.

In the conventional trenching department we have the equipment and personnel to complete most underground telecommunications projects.  The most important thing we keep in mind in the underground trenching process, is to ensure that the home owner is satisfied and that the restoration process is completed to their.satisfaction.

Our personnel are focused on attention to detail to make sure that the ground is restored as close to what was originally there.  We have sod cutting machines that can take a layer of sod from the trench site before trenching, for restoration.  We also use soil compactors for compaction of soil in trenches.

  One other point that we have that completes our underground work, is we always have follow-up inspections of underground sites.  It is important that each area be inspected to ensure that the settlement of the soil is complete and that there are no long term problems that would arise after restoration is complete.