In dealing with ingress suppression there will typically be a high percentage of ingress originating from the subscribers home.  We have developed a process of locating the origination of ingress in the home and replacing the drop, half drop, additional outlet or other equipment that is allowing the ingress to enter the cable plant. 

Our company has performed complete house line installations.  From the simple house transfers from the old plant to the new plant in rebuilds, to complete installations with converter boxes and cable modems. Our company can provide the personnel and expertise in completing this task.

  It is important to note that the paying subscriber is the ultimate customer and where all financial funds originate from.  We regard each subscriber as our customer and these are the people we must keep happy.  In this regard when we are assigned house installations it is done with the utmost of courtesy and courtesy.  Our personnel have a background check to verify their honesty and trustworthiness before working for our company.  Our personnel will interact with the subscriber in a professional manner.  We ensure that anyone entering a home will present themselves with late model trucks or vans, proper uniforms, proper identification and proper mannerisms.  We will only hire personnel who will keep these goals when working in a subscriber’s home.