The coaxial cable plant relies upon the proper balance of the forward signals, ie the channel lineup.  Additionally with the implementation of cable modems, the reverse spectrum needs to be in proper balance as well.  Our teams of sweepers and sweep managers can fine tune both the forward and reverse spectrums for proper signal levels.  We have swept over 15,000 miles of cable plant in the past few years.  We have been involved in forward and reverse sweep procedures since its emergence in the marketplace.  We feel that we have the technical teams on staff to provide expert service, consultations and leadership in this area.

Coupled with the forward and reverse sweep teams are the ingress suppression teams.  Ingress can prohibit the proper operation of the reverse signal path (cable modems).  Our ingress suppression teams can identify and eliminate ingress in the cable plant.  This is a specialized type of technical work and it takes expertly trained personnel to isolate and eliminate ingress, with minimal customer outage.

The node certification teams, test the completed nodes and verify that node is optimized properly, that the cable plant is functioning properly in the reverse band and within the technical specification of a cable system.  We have the best equipment and computer systems available to provide the documentation on the characteristics of the cable system.  When the node certification is completed, the node is operating properly in the forward and reverse spectrum and the node has reached its final result in the cable forward and reverse sweep spectrum.

Additionally we can provide maintenance of nodes with ingress suppression on nodes that have been previously swept and eliminate that ingress.  For example if a node has been certified a number of years ago and ingress has crept back into that system, our teams can search out and reduce that ingress in nodes that require this action. 

Our teams also have the training and equipment to conduct Cumulative Leakage Index tests.  We can locate and repair RF leaks to keep the cable system in compliance with FCC regulations.