Fiber Optic Construction

We began fiber optic cable construction in 1988, at the onset of the implementation of fiber optic cable placement in the cable television industry.  Since that time we have continued to build thousand of miles of fiber optic cable plant and have the experience to successfully manage this aspect of communications technology.

Our experience in fiber optic cables includes long distance fiber optic cables in an aerial and underground design.  We are fully capable of handling the fiber in any design and have the experience of installing fiber optic cables through existing conduits and other configurations.  It is the experience of the personnel and managers that allows us to foresee any possible problems and provide suggestions for the elimination of those problems.

We utilize superior communications within the crew; with vehicle traffic controllers, managers and with our customer.  Communications is imperative when running long runs of fiber optic cable, and we have the best personal communications devices in the industry for us to monitor the construction of long lines of fiber optic cables.

Our equipment is some of the best in the industry.  Using Telsta T-40C bucket trucks with reel winders, assist vehicles, ground operated winches, fiberglass rodders for existing conduit, backhoes for building storage vaults and other types of equipment; our company has the capability to handle any fiber optic construction project.

Fiber Optic Splicing

Our company has extensive fiber optic splicing capabilities.  We have experienced personnel who have been in the industry for years.  Our equipment is top of the line and we are extremely capable of splicing fiber optic cables at any remote location.  We have excellent bucket trucks coupled with updated and modern fiber optic splicing trailers.

We keep our fiber optic splicing equipment current and take pride in ensuring that our splicing trailers are kept extremely clean to prevent any airborne particles from contaminating the splicing area.  We own updated fiber optic splicers and OTDR’s.

We fully document all fiber optic splices and provide that proof of performance documentation to the customer upon competition of that fiber optic splicing location.

We are capable of handling most projects.  Our experience in the past has demonstrated that we have the capabilities in even the most difficult of fiber optic splicing configurations. 

We can additionally provide consulting and field/headend services to verify and authenticate existing fiber networks and re-document the fiber optic tree.  Some older existing fiber networks may need this service to optimize the existing fiber plant that is currently in use.

We have on staff, a permanent experienced fiber optic manager.  This manager directs and offers training and advice to the other fiber optic splicers.  This ensures that the right personnel are in the right place on time and be able to deliver to the customer what is needed in the timeframe that is required.

These attributes make us a leader in the fiber optic splicing area.