One of the vital links to a cable television system is the splicing of new electronic equipment.  Bigham Cable has on staff, experienced coax cable personnel able to splice any equipment according to the customer’s technical specifications.  We also have the personnel to install power supply units for activation of new build and retro-fit cable projects.

Retro-fit splicing projects can be one of the most challenging projects in the cable television industry.  Replacing old equipment with newer higher frequency equipment on existing active coaxial lines, requires highly trained personnel and experienced managers.  Our company has both.  Since the mid-1990’s our company has been on the leading edge of retro-fit splicing projects.  Our personnel can handle almost any project in the retro-fit area.  Keeping existing customers online while active cables are being spliced, takes a good team of experienced personnel to minimize customer outages.  We have an excellent team of splicing personnel and managers with this specialization.